Apr 2014

Achieved provisional accreditation for Engineering degrees by the Institute of Engineers Singapore (IES), through its Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB)

Our Story, Our Achievements

On 7 April 2014, SUTD was awarded provisional accreditation for all its three undergraduate engineering degree programmes by the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), through its Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB). The three programmes, which span the standard eight terms delivered over 3.5 years each, are: Engineering Product Development (EPD)Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) and Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)

The provisional accreditation was awarded in February based on the evaluation and recommendations of the EAB panels, which consisted of senior academics from the US and UK as well as local industry leaders. The panels conducted a two-day visit to the university that included a comprehensive review of its curriculum and teaching process, student learning outcomes, interviews of both faculty and students, assessment of facilities and more. The first two batches of students admitted in the three programmes will graduate with a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in EPD, ESD or ISTD which are provisionally accredited. SUTD will apply for full accreditation in 2016. According to EAB accreditation policy, only programmes that have produced graduates for two academic years can be considered for full accreditation. The accreditation is retrospective and when the programmes move from provisional to full accreditation in 2016, all graduates will be recognised as having the fully accredited qualification.