Our Curriculum

Oct 2010

Launch of MIT-SUTD Dual Masters Programme

Established in collaboration with MIT, the Dual Masters’ Programme provided a global educational experience with a unique cross-fertilisation across architectural and engineering design, technology and innovation.

Dec 2011

Launched the Integrated Learning Programme

The Integrated Learning Programme (ILP) is a bridging programme unique to SUTD. The ILP is developed to ensure students’ readiness for the Freshmore curriculum as well as provide for a holistic learning experience to enthuse the students about the subjects. It aims to instill fundamental masteries in math and science in students with no or limited knowledge or who simply desire to have a refresher course in a particular area of study.

Nov 2012

First SUTD PhD programme launched

SUTD launched our inaugural PhD Programme (first intake in September 2013) to develop outstanding local and international individuals for careers in academia or industry.

May 2013

Graduated first three MIT-SUTD Dual Masters students

SUTD presented the graduation certificates to two Singaporeans, Mr Karthikeyan Rajasekharan and Ms Teo Yi Linn, and an American, Mr Nikhil Jain, who started their Masters programme in 2011.

Feb 2014

Launched SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme in Technology and Management

Synergising our strength in technology and design together with SMU’s expertise in business management, the SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme was launched on 25 February 2014.

Jan 2015

40 students attended the first Winter Independent Activity Period at MIT

The Winter Independent Activities Period (IAP) was a three-week partially funded exchange programme at MIT. About 60 students get to participate in this programme yearly.

Nov 2016

Launched SUTD’s Masters of Science in Security by Design programme

SUTD launched our Masters of Science in Security by Design (MSSD), a one-of-a-kind programme.

Jan 2017

Launched SUTD’s first integrated Bachelor and Masters programme, the SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme

With the launch of SUTD Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP), students will be able to graduate with both a bachelor and master degree, focusing on entrepreneurship. This enables us to develop a new generation of technically-grounded entrepreneurial leaders.

Feb 2017

Full accreditation of Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Architecture degree programmes achieved

We were awarded full accreditation from Engineering Accreditation Board (EAB) and the Board of Architects (BOA) for 3 of our undergraduate programmes;
Engineering Product Design (EPD), Engineering Systems and Design (ESD) and Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD)

Sep 2018

SUTD graduates first batch of SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme students

Our first batch SUTD-SMU Dual Degree Programme graduated!

Jan 2020

First of its Kind Degree in Design and Artificial Intelligence at SUTD

SUTD will be offering a new degree programme in Design and Artificial Intelligence (DAI), the first of its kind in the world, to students joining the university in Academic Year 2020. Find out more about the programme here. 

Feb 2020

ASD Grad Show: Metropolis

The Graduation Showcase by ASD students is back! In its fifth run this year, this exhibition weaves together 50 unique projects through the concept of a Metropolis. Find out more by visiting the exhibition happening at the Deck from 5-9 February 2020, and discover the fine touches and thoughts the team puts into making this…